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Get ready for the Dream Vacation Fest, the ​expo where you’ll find what you need for your ​next trip to your dream destinations while ​supporting a good cause.

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Whether you dream of a wellness retreat, ​exploring new places, enjoying with family ​or friends, or celebrating that special date, ​you’ll get VIP perks and promotions from ​top travel suppliers when booking at the ​Dream Vacations Fest.

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Travel for good

A percentage of what you purchase or ​book at the Dream Vacation Fest will be ​donated to a charity that supports ​entrepreneurship and continuing education ​of older adults.

Your trip can make a difference.

Make it memorable, make it meaningful!

What we deserve

Moreover, the travel suppliers you’ll find at the ​Dream Vacation Fest have trained their staff on ​silver tourism, hence they know how to make us ​feel welcomed, secure and valued, so we have ​the experience we deserve.

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Top destinations

The Arch, Land's End, Los Cabos

los cabos

Puerto Vallarta Malecon Boy on Seahorse

Puerto vallarta

Beach and waterfront in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico


San Miguel de Allende in Mexico

san miguel de allende

Merida City Colorful Facades Yucatan Mexico


Traditional Parade in Oaxaca


Cancun beach coast with sunsets


Mayan Riviera Paradise

riviera maya

Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Mexico-20 April, 2018: Tlaquepaque Art

and much more

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